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Africa XP Signs Capacity Deal with Eutelsat

By | February 13, 2020
Eutelsat 7C SSL

Eutelsat 7C rendering. Photo: SSL


Channel network and content distributor AfricaXP has signed multi-year agreements with Eutelsat Communications for Ku-band capacity on two Eutelsat satellites, positioned at 16 degrees East and 7 degrees East.

AfricaXP said the capacity will enable the distributor to extend the reach of its “Premium.Free” Direct-to-Home (DTH) Free-to-Air (FTA) TV platform. The platform, which is currently broadcast in West Africa, will use Eutelsat’s 7 degrees East to roll 23 channels out across Eastern and Southern Africa after mid-February. In addition, AfricaXP plans to deploy a 10 channel French language bouquet from Eutelsat’s 16 degrees East position for French-speaking African countries. Craig Kelly, AfricaXP’s CEO, said these two Eutelsat positions offer geographic reach in Africa’s key Western, Eastern and Southern markets where they serve large audiences.

“This partnership reinforces the strength and desirability of these two orbital hotspots for the Sub-Saharan region, which are becoming increasingly sought after by broadcasters,” Nicolas Baravalle, Eutelsat director of the Sub-Saharan Africa region said.