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Gracenote Provides OTT Guide Offerings to Europe 

By Rachel Jewett | January 2, 2020

Gracenote video descriptor demonstration. Photo: Gracenote

Gracenote, a Nielsen company, is providing global Over-the-Top (OTT) guide offerings for on-demand video streaming services in Europe. Gracenote aims to use its experience powering linear broadcast Electronic Program Guides (EPGs) to help on-demand video streaming services, Smart TV makers and traditional cable and satellite operators deliver next-generation content navigation, search and discovery capabilities. The company says this expansion into Europe makes it the leading OTT guide provider in the world with coverage of more than 200 catalogs in 13 markets.

Specifically, Gracenote is making its unique IDs, descriptive metadata, content imagery, and streaming service feeds available. The company says its OTT guide offering helps make video content searchable across multiple services, platforms, and devices so that OTT services can elevate content visibility, and Smart TV makers and cable and satellite operators can increase ease of use.

“While much of the focus in the ‘streaming wars’ conversation has been on the largest catalogs and original content, the winners will also understand how to successfully integrate with a diverse set of video platforms,” Simon Adams, chief product officer at Gracenote said.  “As this new generation of video providers emerges, Gracenote is playing to its long-standing role providing the critical metadata, unique IDs and rich imagery that power killer user experiences and drive tune-in and engagement.”