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Ericsson Launches Ultra-HD Solution, Strikes Deal with Telefonica

By | April 11, 2018

Photo: Ericsson Media Solutions.

Ericsson Media Solutions has launched its MediaFirst Ultra High Definition (Ultra-HD) solution, a software-based, multi-application media processing and encoding platform.

The new solution leverages algorithms for encoding Ultra-HD content to be delivered across contribution networks. With the freedom to use High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, as well as a cloud-agnostic choice of private, public or hybrid clouds, the solution offers flexibility in formats and deployment, Ericsson stated.

According to Ericsson, it can combine its Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP) and MediaFirst platform to create unified solution for cloud Digital Video Recording (DVR), on-demand and time/place-shifted TV services up to Ultra-HD resolution.

Telefonica has also contracted Ericsson to power a range of TV services across its businesses in Latin America. The three-year deal includes deployment of Ericsson’s VSPP to power seven day catch-up and time-shifted service, which will be available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru by the end of 2018.

As part of the deployment, Ericsson will optimize Telefonica’s current system architectures and increase system capacity.

“This deployment will enable Telefonica to transform its service delivery by virtualizing the storage and processing capabilities of its servers ensuring that catch-up and VOD services are delivered reliably, seamlessly and quickly to subscribers all over Latin America,” said Angel Ruiz, head of Ericsson Media Solutions.