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Globecomm Debuts New Virtualized Video Headend

By | October 13, 2017
      Globecomm NOC

      Globecomm’s Network Operating Center (NOC). Photo: Globecomm

      Globecomm has unveiled its new Vector product, a virtualized video headend system able to support hundreds of channels and deliver content across multiple platforms. According to Globecomm, Vector’s IP-centric platform simplifies the processing, packaging and customization of video content from acquisition and contribution to playout and distribution for delivery across Direct-to-Home (DTH), Over-the-Top (OTT), Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), cable and terrestrial TV.

      The video headend is the technology core for video management, from ingest and storage to packaging.  In legacy headends, the workflow depends on multiple devices from different manufacturers, each performing discrete tasks and all requiring integration with sufficient redundancy to ensure reliable processing and end-to-end communication to deliver the final content package. Globecomm stated that Vector replaces the need for the traditional data center because it significantly reduces rack space, cabling and power.

      According to the company, Vector simplifies multiple, interdependent processes — including new compression technologies, multiple video standards and encoding advances such as adaptive bit rate — into software and data storage in an all-IP environment.  The IP environment provides a common bus to simplify process communications and ease technology upgrade management.  It provides lower and more efficient capital expenditure or the replacement of capital expenditure with predictable operating expenses, and offers faster market-capturing delivery for new programs and channels, with scaling capabilities to respond to changes in demand.