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BS Broadcast to Capitalize on Used Equipment in Middle East

By | August 16, 2017
      A KSAT antenna in Dubai, UAE. Photo: KSAT.

      A KSAT antenna in Dubai, UAE. Photo: KSAT.

      Backed by Broadcast Systems Arabia, BS Broadcast is establishing its business for buying and selling quality-tested used broadcast and satellite equipment in the Middle East, according to the company. Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to facilitate shipment across the globe, BS Broadcast stated it is keen to engage with TV and radio stations, Earth stations, satellite uplink providers, Satellite News Gathering (SNG) service providers, production houses, media training centers, and government and educational institutions that lack the budgets to buy expensive cutting-edge solutions but still require reliable high-grade production, broadcast and satellite equipment.

      The company has established an inventory of more than 650 products from 69 manufacturers including Advent, Comtech Xicom Technology, Communication & Power Industries (CPI), Ericsson, and more. This stock includes High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) equipment such as video converters and servers, satellite antennas and terminals, modulators, frequency converters, multiplexers, High Performance Antennas (HPAs), Sync Pulse Generators (SPGs) and routers. BS Broadcast’s in-house engineers test each item to ensure quality. Additionally, the company will offer potential customers a trade-in program, allowing them to swap their existing equipment for exchange or discounts.

      “While the Middle East and Europe enjoy rapid technology refresh cycles, organizations in regions such as Asia and Africa don’t always have the financial capacity to purchase the latest equipment. Buying and selling of used broadcast and satellite equipment is a well-established practice in the United States and United Kingdom but is a completely untapped market in the Middle East,” said Irfan Gondal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BS Broadcast.