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ABS Wins Satellite Bandwidth Deal with Asian Oil & Gas Company Seanet

By | May 19, 2022
ABS Broadcast Arianespace

ABS-2 shown here in an antenna test facility. Photo: Maxar (SSL)

Satellite operator ABS won a new contract in the oil and gas arena. The company announced late Wednesday that Seanet Technologies Myanmar (Seanet), a VSAT service provider, will use capacity on its ABS-2 satellite to deliver connectivity to the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea around Myanmar.

Seanet provides services to many sectors including telcos, oil & gas, enterprises and corporate entities. It operates two premium teleports hosting an array of teleport and managed services.

ABS-2 is capable of supporting critical services and streamline operations, providing multiple offshore platforms with access to real-time monitoring. It can also improve crew welfare, safety and healthcare conditions. In a single satellite link, separate virtual channels can be configured for corporate and crew connectivity.

“Providing connectivity with high availability is essential to the daily operations of oil and gas companies. Satellite remains the only viable offshore connectivity option. We are pleased to play an important role in linking up the oil rigs and maritime industries and support Seanet’s expansion efforts for the region. Using our C or Ku-band capacity, ABS links up oil rigs and service vessels across key markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East,” Jennifer Blasko, ABS EVP of Sales & Marketing, said in a statement.