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Maritime Tech Company Navarino Signs with OneWeb

By | May 18, 2022

Photo: Navarino

OneWeb has won a new deal in the maritime sector with Navarino, a maritime technology company. Navarino joins OneWeb’s global distribution partnership network to deliver high speed, low latency connectivity to the global commercial shipping industry. OneWeb and Navarino announced Wednesday that sea trials will take place to connect the first vessels in the first quarter of 2023.

Navarino has a portfolio of maritime connectivity solutions including Inmarsat Fleet Xpress, Iridium Certus and FleetBroadband, and Ku-band connectivity from Intelsat and SES, among others.

“Becoming a distribution partner of OneWeb ensures we can continue to deliver cutting-edge, powerful connectivity to our customers’ fleets, wherever they are in the world. Our industry-leading technology has put us at the forefront of maritime innovation and enabled us to empower our customers, while anticipating their future needs thanks to the way our services continuously evolve. OneWeb’s new satellite constellation and its ambitions for maritime connectivity are a progressive step forward,” Dimitris Tsikopoulos, Navarino CEO, said in a statement.

Also this week, OneWeb signed an MoU to bring Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) broadband to Uzbekistan.