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Isotropic Networks Buys ViaLite RF-Over-Fiber Satcom Links for Alaska Site

By | July 22, 2021

ViaLite’s HD 3U Rack Chassis (photo by ViaLite)

Satellite internet services provider Isotropic Networks extended its multi-year strategic partnership with RF-over-fiber (RFoF) technology provider ViaLite and has ordered new RFoF L-Band satcom links for their location in Alaska.

ViaLite’s new L-Band high-throughput satellite links are bidirectional, connecting antennas and control rooms, and are also particularly suited for cold climates as low as -20 ºC and as high as 60 ºC.

Isotropic Network selected ViaLite’s 3U rack chassis cards as chosen form factor and further upgraded them with the  ViaLite’s Horizons SNMP card and software, which is designed to allow for remote network monitoring and control of the system.

“Both ViaLite and Isotropic Networks are built on high standards with a similar mindset that continually raises the bar for leadership in performance, quality and reliability, along with solving technically complex problems with the latest technologies,” said Craig Somach, ViaLite Director of Sales North America.

Financial details of the contract extension were not disclosed.