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Satellite Service Provider Sencinet Begins Operations in Latin America

By | October 2, 2020

Photo by Sencinet

Sencinet, a new fully-managed network service provider serving the Americas, officially commenced operations Thursday, activating an integrated satellite infrastructure comprised of two fiber networks, four data centers, and five teleports capable of offering connectivity to the entire Latin America territory.

Created as the result of the acquisition of BT Latin America by CIH Telecommunications Americas, an affiliate of a global private equity firm based in Washington D.C. and Singapore, Sencinet is equipped and licensed to offer 358 MHz of satellite spectrum and a VNO capacity of 106 Mbps in 11 countries.

The company said its client portfolio contains 400 companies operating in market segments such as oil and gas, energy, mining, government, banks, telecommunications and retail operators.

In a statement, Sencinet CEO Alex Ingles said the company aims to, “become the best and most secure software-defined network integrator on the continent, operating in a fully integrated manner with customers and suppliers, with end-to-end and full automation visibility of the customer journey. To this end, the executive comments that the strategy includes the launch of SD-WAN and security solutions offered through Sencinet’s proprietary structure reinforced by the construction of a robust ecosystem composed of hundreds of ISP providers in the region. This configuration will allow us to rapidly improve our results by expanding the offer of products and services that are increasingly customized and adapted to local market conditions and needs.”