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Speedcast Launches Standardized SD-WAN Solution

By | March 13, 2020

Photo: Speedcast

Speedcast International Limited has launched a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution that it said blends satellite, LTE, wireless, and fiber technologies. The solution is designed for onshore and offshore users to provide access to applications across networks. Speedcast said it is easier to use, at a lower cost than traditional network management systems.

Speedcast said its SD-WAN simplifies routing with all disparate WAN links configured inside a secure conduit, and aggregates the bandwidth to maximize throughput. Speedcast also claims it allows users to maintain a high quality of experience even at over 90% link bandwidth utilization.

“Having a modern, reliable network is critical for our offshore and onshore customers’ operations and digital transformation strategies,” said Tim Bailey, executive vice president of Products, Marketing and Business Development at Speedcast. “Speedcast SD-WAN is the ideal solution for increasing the availability, stability, and bandwidth of our customers’ remote site connectivity, while delivering a better end-user experience and improved operational efficiencies.”