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Globecast Introduces New Virtual Networking Service

By | June 26, 2019

Photo: Globecast

Globecast has revealed its new Globecast Virtual Networking (GCVN) service, which aims to brings two-way, high bandwidth, IP-over-satellite connectivity to the enterprise market. It aims to provide fast, reliable IP connectivity anywhere and anytime where terrestrial networks fail or are inconsistent.

With GCVN, media event producers and content creators in the B2B space can deliver streaming, file transfers, Wi-Fi, 4K, 8K, and 360-degree live content using native IP-based satellite transmission from remote locations via a high-bandwidth solution. According to the release, it’s ideal for corporate productions, events with high attendance where cell service bandwidth is scarce, and many situations where internet connectivity is uncertain.

“We’ve developed Globecast Virtual Networking in direct response to the market demand for fast, reliable IP connectivity at any location. GCVN is perfect for corporate productions, music festivals and movie sets and events with high attendance where cell service bandwidth is scarce, or where Internet connectivity is uncertain,” explained Tim Jackson, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing the Americas at Globecast. “GCVN is a logical enhancement to our traditional distribution, contribution and media management services that utilize the satellite, fiber, cloud and infrastructure capabilities Globecast has provided for decades. The service comes with the same customer service and quality focus that we provide with all our offerings.”