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Eutelsat’s Konnect Africa Launches in Democratic Republic of Congo

By | November 29, 2018
Photo: Eutelsat

Photo: Eutelsat

Konnect Africa, Eutelsat‘s African continent satellite broadband initiative, launched its satellite internet access offerings in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Konnect Africa is working with a large network of local partners specialized in various fields ranging from the distribution of telecom and television services to financial services, to help ensure widespread coverage. Internet access is now offered in six major cities of the Democratic Republic of Congo through a network of eight resellers totaling nearly 500 stores and retail points.

These offers will soon be supplemented by the arrival of a Wi-Fi hotspot service, called Konnect Wifi, which will provide broadband internet access at traffic points such as in hospitals, schools and universities, stores, etc.

“In a country which constitutes one of the main African markets for internet via satellite, today we are able to offer the Congolese people powerful connectivity solutions thanks to this technology,” said Konnect Africa Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jean-Claude Tshipama. “As a key success factor to meet the specificities of a country, we rely on world-class local partners to distribute our turnkey offers. Currently being deployed in some 20 countries in Africa, our Konnect Africa service responds to the need to develop digital inclusion on this continent.”