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Chronos Technology Introduces GPS Re-radiating Product

By | August 15, 2003

      Chronos Technology, a UK-based RF, microwave and GPS components supplier, has introduced its GPS re-radiating product aimed at the aviation, naval and automotive industries.

      GPS navigation systems are now widely used in cars, airplanes and boats. The GPS signal is far too weak to be received through walls and roofs, therefore making it impossible to test the signal or demonstrate the product indoors. To use a GPS receiver indoors, the signal has to be received outside and then re-broadcast inside. The receiving antenna needs to be placed where it has the best possible view of the sky which will enable it to see as many satellites as possible. The signal that is broadcast will contain the positional information relating to the external antenna. The re-radiating kit covers an area of approximately 100 feet for indoor reception. The system also employs a four-way antenna splitter connected to the re-radiating antenna to extend coverage.

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