Satellite Technology of the Year

March 18, 2019


Intellian – v240MT Tri-band Antenna System

For the past decade, there has been a constant and very real demand in the maritime and cruise ship markets for innovative antenna technologies that can enable and support a wide variety of intense, data-rich applications. For cruise line operators, a dream solution would be an antenna that can “do it all.” Intellian has come up with an antenna system that covers an impressive amount of ground in realizing these visions of connectivity at sea.

Intellian’s multi-orbit and tri-band v240MT antenna system is the world’s first of its kind that enables communication services in three different frequency bands and tracks both geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) satellites, as well as satellites in medium Earth orbit (MEO). It delivers data rates exceeding 1 Gbps utilizing a single 2.4-meter reflector. Most importantly, the antenna’s versatility allows it to access to virtually any satellite constellation within seconds. While operating, two of its antennas may be tracking moving MEO satellites while a third could be pointed at a fixed GEO satellite. If one antenna becomes blocked by a part of the ship, the system will automatically select the next best solution and switch without any loss of connection for those on-board, without any intervention. Supporting Dual Data Centers on a ship, the v240MT can ALSO handle instant changeover with no manual intervention, an important factor in crew safety and vessel operations.

The v240MT also combines MEO tracking capabilities, providing global coverage to high-volume data users, such as offshore, seismic and cruise vessels, requiring fast and seamless communication services like those available on land. For its extraordinary level of dedication in designing a product that attempts to mimic the “at home” connectivity experience at sea through a strategic combination of capabilities, we nominate Intellian and v240MT for our 2018 Technology of the Year award.

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