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On Orbit’s Future Space Economy Series: Infrastructure for a New Frontier

By Jeffrey Hill | January 31, 2023

      The second episode of On Orbit’s Future Space Economy webcast features Sidus Space Founder and CEO Carol Craig, Kepler CEO Mina Mitry, Orbit Fab CDO Jeremy Schiel, SpaceRyde CEO Sohrab Haghighat, and BCG’s Sita Sonty in a discussion about financing, building, and networking complex infrastructure in space. 

      The Future Space Economy is, at its core, a massive infrastructure building project consisting of spaceports, rockets, satellites, and advanced spacecraft. These elements create the physical framework to support advanced space applications. In this episode, we’ll talk to the people who are building and investing in this new infrastructure about their plans for the future, as well as their greatest needs and challenges in completing their mission. We’ll also discuss mission planning, extending infrastructure on Earth and beyond Earth’s orbit, and the critical role that advanced computing and telecommunications will play in the building process.

      On Orbit’s Future Space Economy Webcast is generously sponsored by SpiderOak, Sidus Space, and Kepler Communications. This webcast series will highlight specific activities in space, ranging from healthcare, research, mining, tourism, and energy.

      NOTE: There is a very slight hum in the background of the webcast recording. This was due to a technical issue in the audio capture. 

      Listen Here: