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On Orbit Episode 7: Software-Defined Space(s)

By | July 8, 2019

Episode 7 of the On Orbit Podcast features Kratos VP Greg Quiggle (Top) and HPE’s Alain Guigui

What does it mean when people say that the satellite industry is becoming more “software-defined?” Does it mean that physical infrastructure is being replaced with more flexible, adaptive software? Does it mean that the satellite industry is becoming a lot more like the software industry? Or both? 

In this episode of On Orbit, we interview Kratos Defense and Security Vice President of Product Management Greg Quiggle, who is leading his company’s effort to host satellite ground stations and teleports in secure cloud networks. Greg explains why transitioning certain ground systems to the cloud can optimize and benefit the entire space industry. 

We then speak with Alain Guigui, Chief Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise at 5G World in London. Alain and Jeff explore the evolution of the cloud, and the applications they power, and discuss HPE’s recent 5G partnerships, including with Samsung. The discussion is an excellent primer on how clouds have grown beyond simple storage spaces.

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Kratos Defense and Security also produces a fantastic space and satellite technology podcast, “Constellations,” which features a long list of interviews with commercial industry thought leaders. Check it out!

HPE’s 5G partnership announcement with Samsung (referenced in the episode)

Kratos’ Greg Quiggle (LinkedIn)

HPE’s Alain Guigui (LinkedIn)