Unleashing the Power of Satellites for Global Goals

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to significantly decrease and ultimately eliminate the impact of social, economic, and environmental inequalities within developing nations. In total, 17 sub-targets and actions have been drawn up, providing stepping-stones on the way to achieving true global equality and access. Satellite connectivity can help nations achieve the SDGs by providing critical data and connectivity services to support a wide range of sustainable
development efforts.

SpaceBridge is an established Canadian-based vendor and global market leader providing innovative satellite solutions for broadband interconnectivity, tactical defense, and cellular backhaul. SpaceBridge develops and delivers cutting-edge VSAT platforms, RF equipment, satellite network solutions, and comprehensive turnkey project implementation. SpaceBridge’s technology, including multipurpose hub and remotes, helps address global goals for sustainable education, commerce,
monitoring, social inclusion, and communications.