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Cloud Constellation, Arch Mission to Archive Space Knowledge

By | July 25, 2018
An artist rendition of SpaceBelt. Photo: SpaceBelt

An artist rendition of SpaceBelt. Photo: SpaceBelt

Cloud Constellation and Arch Mission Foundation have entered into a partnership to collaborate on the Foundation’s vision to archive humanity’s knowledge in space. Cloud Constellation will make its SpaceBelt services available for global collaboration.

Cloud Constellation’s SpaceBelt Data Security as a Service (DSAAS) is a patented, scalable, space-based cloud service for securing high-value and highly sensitive data assets by providing data storage in space and global secured managed network services. SpaceBelt services mitigate the risk of a data breach by providing global isolation of customer data from inherently vulnerable global terrestrial networks.

“SpaceBelt offers us another extraordinary opportunity to preserve human knowledge,” Arch Mission Foundation Co-Founder Nova Spivack said in the release. “Cloud Constellation represents a shift in thinking beyond terrestrial networks and opens up a new, secure frontier for data storage and access that will be vital to the Arch Mission Foundation’s efforts.