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ADVA AI Solution Tackles GNSS Jamming

By | February 11, 2020

ADVA’s GNSS assurance solution Photo: ADVA

ADVA has launched a centralized GNSS monitoring and assurance tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for comprehensive predictive maintenance. ADVA said the customer-owned tool enables users to collect and analyze huge amounts of information from across the network to remotely identify issues and protect networks from GNSS vulnerabilities, including jamming and spoofing attacks. It also helps to identify GNSS obstruction issues, detect blind/poor spots that appear over time and enable optimal antenna positioning. 

The tool is built into ADVA’s Ensemble Controller network management suite with Sync Director, and is designed to enable customers to detect potential problems in advance, maintain the highest quality of network synchronization, and significantly reduce OpEx. The company said that complementing today’s limited distributed approach to GNSS assurance with a centralized-global system, the tool will boost critical infrastructure dependent on satellite-based timing.

“What we’re offering is a way for network operators to see the bigger GNSS picture,” said Gil Biran, general manager of Oscilloquartz for ADVA. “Using AI and ML to analyze the entire synchronization network, our centralized GNSS monitoring and assurance solution will be key in the fight against GNSS cyber issues, such as jamming and spoofing attacks. This new technology provides the power to proactively tackle issues that jeopardize vital services.”