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Rivada Embraces Quantum Future with New SpeQtral Partnership

By Mark Holmes | October 20, 2022

Via Satellite/Freepik illustration

Rivada Space Networks (RSN) has signed a partnership agreement with SpeQtral, an emerging company in the area of in quantum-secure communications systems. The two companies announced the deal, Oct. 19.

RSN is partnering with SpeQtral to demonstrate the technical compatibility of adding a QKD encryption layer to enhance the security of communications over LEO satellite constellations. In 2024, RSN will start the launch of its 300 satellite laser-connected constellation with four precursor satellites and SpeQtral will launch its QKD satellite, SpeQtral-1. This will allow RSN and SpeQtral to jointly establish quantum-secure data links over the RSN precursor satellites and validate both the space and ground station terminals required for QKD-enabled encrypted traffic on the RSN’s constellation.

Quantum-secure communications systems and specifically Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) are likely to be crucial elements in the development of forthcoming highly secure, satellite-enabled connectivity networks. QKD uses quantum entanglement to distribute encryption keys to secure communications networks. SpeQtral’s QKD technology platform enables the creation and distribution of computationally uncrackable encryption keys, by leveraging the laws of physics instead of computational algorithms.

“We are delighted to work with international partners to employ SpeQtral-1 for the demonstration of ultra-secure communications, executing on our vision to realise global QKD. We have had strong synergies with our partners thus far and are excited to bring our technology one step closer to enabling telecommunication network providers to incorporate a valued-added quantum security feature to their offering,” Chune Yang Lum, Co-founder and CEO of SpeQtral, said in a statement.