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Satellite Deals Of The Day

By | September 23, 2004
      • Integral Systems Inc. [ISYS] inked a contract with SingTel Optus to expand the Optus C1 satellite control system to include support for the Optus D1 and D2 satellites. Under the contract, Integral will provide the primary and backup control- center software used to operate those satellites when they are launched. The satellites are being constructed by Orbital Sciences Corp. Financial information on the contracts was not disclosed.
      • The Alaska Department of Natural Resources is using satellite imagery provided by DigitalGlobe for forest inventory-management, practice assessment, and health and disease assessments. DigitalGlobe said the state agency recently purchased 18 scenes of QuickBird Basic and Standard imagery products covering 1,300 square kilometers over the Haines State Forest and adjacent lands. Financial terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

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