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ITC Global Releases Updated Crew Welfare Product

By | October 12, 2016
      Container Ship Maritime

      Photo by Rennett Stowe, available under a Creative Commons License.

      [Via Satellite 10-12-2016] ITC Global has released an enhanced version of Crew Live, the company’s turnkey solution for crew welfare. The solution upgrades include increased upload and download speeds, regional to global beam switching capabilities on a single antenna solution, dashboard management and reporting features, an improved user interface, and flexible deployment options, supported by parent-company Panasonic’s global network.

      New features of ITC Crew Live include a dashboard and reporting tool that provides visibility to operations leaders on crew welfare service performance and usage; a streamlined equipment package above and below deck; flexible deployment options; and live streaming global TV services delivered via the Panasonic network.

      Crew Live removes the need for remote staff to rely on the corporate network for personal calling, and erases security risks associated with allowing remote workers to stay connected across the same link that handles corporate traffic. Equipped with new features, the solution enables customers to realize almost 100 percent uptime, according to ITC Global.

      “Per crew member, we’re seeing a monthly average of 930MB of data utilized, and a daily average of 100Kbps download speed with about 20 individual users online simultaneously, based on a typical 120-member crew,” said Joe Spytek, CEO of ITC Global. “Performance data of onboard service from our 11,500 registered Crew Live accounts demonstrates the importance of continual updates to the solution in order to scale with growing customer requirements.”