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NSR Reports Future VSAT and Broadband Satellite Market Gains

By | December 18, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 12-18-12] NSR‘s Broadband Satellite Markets 11th Edition report projected the worldwide VSAT, Broadband Satellite, Trunking and Backhaul markets to gain $9.1 billion in 2021, as satellite broadband Internet access subscribers will exceed 5.2 million globally in 10 years, and the enterprise VSAT installed base will reach nearly 2.9 million sites, NSR reported Dec. 18.

      "The launch of new high throughput satellites in North America finally began to impact the growth curve for satellite broadband Internet access services in 2012," NSR Senior Analyst Patrick M. French said in his report. "NSR expects that these services will prove their mettle in the coming 12 to 18 months in North America, and this should give the needed nudge to other regions like Western Europe and Latin America."
      In relation to enterprise VSAT, the report predicts that within a few years, the developing Latin American and Asian markets will have larger installed VSAT bases than mature markets like North America.
      NSR also anticipates that as services shift to provisioning with HTS and O3b capacity, backhaul services and IP trunking will make significant strides. This migration serves as a way to offer more capacity at a much cheaper price than traditional Traditional C- and Ku-band services.

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