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GTX Approves Custom Two-Way GPS Tracking Device for MNX Customers

By | November 27, 2012

       [Satellite TODAY 11-27-12] GTX has approved a custom designed GPS tracking devise for use on AirNet and Cargolux, made available as an add-on service exclusively to customers of the expedited transportation and logistics services provider MNX, the company announced Nov. 27.

      The GPS solution is designed for customers that ship high value, time or temperature sensitive materials, such as in the rapidly expanding life sciences industry. It aims to bring extra security to the most sensitive shipments, transporting items including organs, blood, tissue, medications, clinical trial samples and medical devices.
      The device transmits the latitude and longitude, speed, bearing, altitude and temperature of the vehicle or plane carrying the shipment. The device and GTX platform aims to provide an easy-to-use customer interface with live shipment tracking and geo-fencing features, allowing customers to know precisely when their critical shipments depart and arrive. The GTX device is designed to be easy to insert in even the smallest package, being small and light weight, comparable to the size of a standard garage door opener. 
      “The GTX tracking platform gives us the ability to better identify and resolve any unforeseen challenges throughout the entire transport and gives our customers added confidence and peace of mind that their shipment is secure at every step,” MNX CEO Scott Cannon said in a statement. “By providing our clients with real-time tracking of their shipments, MNX will offer an unmatched layer of service, security, temperature integrity and reliability.”

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