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Hermes Datacomms Enhances Services with Wireless Mobile VSAT Solution

By | November 26, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 11-26-12] Hermes Datacomms has developed a mobile wireless VSAT solution, the oil and gas industry communications provider announced Nov. 26.

      The solution is a trailer-mounted system and is designed to be simple, self-contained and reliable in hot, dusty and wet conditions. It is deployed through the touch of a button and is ready to use in four minutes, providing WiFi Internet access. The product development aims to offer more simplicity and reliability for existing deployed mobile systems in Ethiopia and Kenya.
      “Hermes Datacomms now provides extensive coverage in Africa using Amos-5 satellite which features a high power C-band beam and regional Ku-band beams,” Hermes Datacomms Account Manager Barry Bouwmeester said in a statement. “The new Wireless mobile VSAT technology is an add-on to the services we can offer to our customers who are often working in difficult and challenging environments”.

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