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MTN Launches Nexus Hybrid Maritime Solution to Rapidly Growing Market

By | November 21, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 11-21-12] MTN has unveiled its next-generation satellite and terrestrial hybrid network solution Nexus, which aims to deliver content, social media and voice solutions developed specifically for maritime consumer markets.

         The MTN Nexus hybrid network was also designed to deliver computing, caching and security infrastructure to deliver connectivity and communications.
         MTN President and CEO Errol Olivier said that the Nexus launch was driven by a significant increase in connectivity and content demands from cruise operators as cruise passenger and crew communications requirements grow. T
         “There is no communication network like MTN Nexus in the world,” Olivier said in a statement. “For 30 years, we have innovated new ways to deliver connectivity and content where no terrestrial wireless or wireline networks could connect vessels far out at sea. But passengers and crew no longer accept limitations — they want to stream video, post their updates on Facebook and share vacation images with friends … or even family members sailing with them on the same ship. MTN Nexus bridges the gap between land-based and sea-based connectivity and content delivery. Today, we are launching a solution that will enable our cruise partners to cater to their always-connected passengers and crew.” 

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