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OilComm Kicks Off Pre-Conference; Introduces Ransom Siler Award

By | November 6, 2012

      [Satellite News 11-06-12] The 2012 OilComm Conference and Exposition, formerly Offshore Communications, kicked off today at the Marriott Westchase Hotel in Houston, opening a forum for real-world solution providers to connect with offshore exploration and drilling companies on the best methods of communications for their businesses.

         For satellite companies, the oil and gas market has long been a noteworthy vertical, given the communications needs of these companies and the decision-making process that often involves the latest satellite technologies. The OilComm event aims to give those companies an opportunity to find out about the latest trends in this vertical and what oil companies are demanding from the satellite industry as they try to modernize their communications infrastructure.
         The show continues through Nov. 8. The Nov. 6 pre-conference day puts most attendees at the local Wildcat Golf Club for the annual OilComm Golf Tournament, but others will engage in two all-day courses indoors. The first track is a point-to-point microwave systems deployment workshop hosted by POWER Engineers Senior Project Engineer Harvey Lehpamer, who will review the basics of microwave transmission network design, planning and implementation. The other session deals with the opportunities, challenges and strategies involved in deploying and operating a WiMAX-based Smart Field network, bringing together WiMAX vendors and oil and gas companies to meet, exchange ideas and develop business and cooperative relationships.
         The Nov. 6 opening keynote speech will be given by Apache Vice President of Information Technology Michael Kuykendall on how communications play a vital part of any oil and gas company’s overall business plan. Kuykendall, who is responsible for delivering IT services to their corporate offices in Houston and 7 different countries, said Apache views the network as the most important asset of the organization – a belief that leads to consistent oversight and innovation to ensure data, voice, video and many other types of network traffic are provisioned effectively.
         “Kuykendall and his teams are faced with the challenge of looking years into the future to determine what the direction of Apache’s business plans in an environment experiencing constant acquisitions and big data growth,” the session description reads. “There are questions they seek to answer every day as they prepare for and stay ahead of business needs. How quickly can new infrastructures be put in place? Is there a ‘holy grail’ solution that can work across all operational environments?”  
         The OilComm 2012 conference also will introduce the Ransom Siler Engineering Achievement Award. The award is named after W. Ransom Siler, who spent more than 20 years in communications and IT for the energy industry, and ended his career as a consulting engineer in communications and electronic systems. He also was an OilComm Conference advisor and engineering consultant. The Ransom Siler Engineering Achievement Award was founded to recognize a rising industry leader who has been in the petroleum engineering profession for less than 7 years and embodies the passion and drive for excellence that was a staple throughout Siler’s career.
         “Siler designed communications systems, researched emerging technologies and developed telecommunications strategies. Before Siler concentrated on the energy industry, he was a consulting engineer in broadcasting, cable television, microwave and mobile radio systems design,” OilComm said in a statement. “Across markets, W. Ransom Siler spread his knowledge and passion for engineering and all who crossed his path have witnessed his dedication to engineering and experienced first-hand his ability to take each and every project a step beyond expectations.  Many who worked with Siler considered him a trusted advisor and valued the advice he would impart.”
         The nominations will be reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of representatives from major oil and gas companies, oilfield service companies, drilling contractors, consulting firms and service providers.
      To view the conference program, visit OilComm at

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