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Inmarsat Enhances SwiftBroadband Service

By | November 1, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 11-01-12] Inmarsat has enhanced its SwiftBroadband technology capabilities and plans to focus on the continued development of its L-band services for aviation, the company announced at NBAA 2012 Oct. 31.

      The enhanced SwiftBroadband capabilities will become available in 2013 and will include introducing high data rate technology designed to deliver up to 700kbps of IP data streaming per channel optimized for helicopters. SwiftBroadband-based safety services will also be available, aiming to bring prioritized IP connectivity to the cockpit while reducing the cost of satellite ACARS messaging by at least 30%.
      “It is clear SwiftBroadband will continue to be a key technology platform for the entire aviation market, and in particular building on Inmarsat success in the business and general aviation,” Inmarsat Aviation Vice President David Coiley said in a statement. “Inmarsat remains committed to L-band for the long term and our SwiftBroadband platform complements the introduction of our Ka-band GX Aviation services from first quarter 2015, giving Inmarsat the most powerful, flexible and capable portfolio of satellite communications services for aviation now and in the future, bar none.”
      Inmarsat’s global Ka-band service GX Aviation aims for the first of the three I-5 satellites, under construction by Boeing, to be launched in the second half of 2013, followed by the other two at six month intervals. 

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