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CORRE Begins Pilot Testing of Geo-Sensing Satellite Detection Service

By | October 12, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 10-12-12] Canadian Oil Recovery and Remediation Enterprises (CORRE) has begun the pilot project with Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) utilizing EcoTecnos’ geo-sensing satellite detection service, CORRE announced Oct. 11.

      The pilot project aims to exhibit the advantages of using the EcoTecnos geo-sensing satellite detection service to better understand environmental contamination through its 2D images of sludge pits, lakes and underground terrain. All essential samples have been secured by EcoTecnos and the results are scheduled to be presented to KOC during the fourth quarter of this year.
      The companies hope the outcomes of the project inspire high value geo-sensing satellite detection contracts aimed to display the environmentally contaminated areas of Kuwait, as well as increase profits and display the benefits of the technology for other regional companies to utilize.
      “CORRE believes the addition of the geo-sensing satellite detection technology to its existing line of services will both add an incremental revenue stream to CORRE’s operations as well as accelerate the release of high value, oil waste management contracts that CORRE stands to directly benefit from as a bidder,” the company said in a statement.

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