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Globecomm Launches Cloud-Based IT Platform

By | October 2, 2012
      [Satellite TODAY 10-02-12] Globecomm’s European business unit has introduced a new cloud platform that aims to substitute expensive and complex IT networks with a cost-effective service, the company announced Oct. 2.
            Globecomm Cloud Services provides businesses, government agencies and other organizations with “virtual machines,” each consisting of an operating system such as Windows or Linux and an application like SQL, Radius or Apache. Virtual machines include file, Web and mail servers as well as virtual desktops for computer users.
            “Our cloud infrastructure delivers secure access, short configuration times, high availability and robust disaster protection,” Globecomm said in a company statement. “The savings comes from reduction in your data center’s server capacity, software licensing and support requirements. Depending on your needs, Globecomm can provide a dedicated network of virtual machines as a private cloud, a shared network as a public cloud, or a hybrid that integrates your own servers with our cloud infrastructure.”

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