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NSSLGlobal Adds Iridium Pilot to Product Portfolio

By | September 28, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 09-28-12] Independent global satellite communications provider NSSLGlobal has entered into a partnership with Iridium Communications to add Iridium Pilot terminals to NSSLGlobal’s product portfolio, the companies announced Sept. 28.

         Iridium Pilot will be offered as part of NSSLGlobal’s combined Ku-Band/L-Band global solution, where it will be combined with NSSLGlobal’s own Cruise-IP VSAT service. “The inclusion of Iridium Pilot in the maritime portfolio also provides a cost-effective option for vessels with lower data volume requirements than other products currently offer,” NSSLGlobal said in a company statement.
         The Iridium Pilot maritime broadband value solution is powered by the Iridium OpenPort service, offering IP connectivity, pole-to-pole coverage and engineered to perform in tough sea conditions.

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