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Comtech Integrates LPOD BUC with C2SAT Maritime VSAT Antenna

By | March 26, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 03-26-12] Comtech EF Data has successfully integrated its LPOD Block Up-Converter (BUC) with C2SAT’s 2.4-meter C-stabilized VSAT Antenna, Comtech announced March 23.

         The integration will work to provide maritime users with satellite-based broadband communication solutions for oceanic vessels in motion. The LPOD was designed to eliminate the traditional requirement for a modem to supply a DC power source and a 10 MHz reference to BUCs and LNBs.
         In a statement, C2SAT Head of Sales Ulf Sundqvist said the LPOD’s compact size and weight make it ideally suited for installations with limited mounting space. “The field-proven performance and reliability of Comtech’s offering parallels our commitment to providing robust and reliable systems. We now offer the LPOD as a standard catalog item.”
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