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SatChoice Expands Satellite Marketplace Service to North America

By | February 21, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 02-21-12] SatChoice has expanded its global online marketplace service to the North American market to allow regional customers to match satellite communications suppliers with purchase-ready buyers, the company announced Feb. 20.

         The SatChoice web portal aims to help satellite service providers boost sales by increasing their exposure to qualified international buyers in an online forum and enable satcom suppliers to present their capabilities to eager buyers and submit detailed sales proposals. 
         “The SatChoice marketplace also offers a valuable service to prospective buyers who have limited experience dealing with satcom solution providers.  It helps them understand how their demanding networking requirements can be met by satcom and quickly enables them to compare sellers,” SatChoice Founder and CEO Chris Frith said in a statement. “SatChoice also is welcomed by regional telecommunications operators looking to partner with satcom service providers to connect customer sites that cannot be reached terrestrially.”
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