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Global Satellite USA Rolls Out Iridium Pilot to Maritime Customers

By | February 20, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 02-20-12] Satellite solutions provider Global Satellite USA has launched Iridium’s second-generation maritime broadband platform Iridium Pilot for its customers, the companies announced Feb. 17.

         The recently introduced Iridium Pilot platform utilizes the Iridium OpenPort service. The lightweight, electronically steerable, phased-array antenna is designed to withstand harsh maritime conditions, while offering broadband connectivity with data speeds up to 134 kbps.
         “Iridium is improving the customer experience on a global basis. The Iridium Pilot has enhanced many of the original features of the OpenPort and we look forward to supporting our customers who rely on broadband connectivity at sea,” Global Satellite USA President Martin Fierstone said in a statement. “The platform offers us a suite of new capabilities that include a built-in firewall for traffic management and a bulk configuration capability, to assist in efficiently managing large volumes of units.”  

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