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Vislink to Roll Out Advent Mantis MSAT Tri-band Terminal by End of February

By | February 3, 2012
      [Satellite TODAY 02-03-12] Vislink is set to launch its new Advent Mantis MSAT man portable data terminal at the end of this month, the company announced Feb. 2.
         The antenna’s 65-centimeter reflector can be used in Ka-, Ku- and X-band. The portable tri-band satellite antenna system was specifically designed for rapid deployment in hostile environments. Vislink said the solution requires less than five minutes for satellite acquisition after it has arrived to the user.
         “The Advent MSAT represents the first major new in-house antenna design for the Vislink group and is our first foray into the rapid deployment, lightweight terminal market. This antenna gives us entries not only in the surveillance market but also has applications in the mining sector and first-on-scene news reporting,” Vislink Project Leader Ali Zarkesh said in a statement.

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