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Segovia Adds Inmarsat FleetPhone, IsatPhone Link to Online Store

By | November 17, 2011
      [Satellite TODAY 11-17-11] Inmarsat’s global telecommunications subsidiary Segovia has expanded its online store to include the new satellite phone products from its MSS operator parent company, Segovia announced Nov. 16.
         The distributor said its customers can now purchase the Inmarsat FleetPhone and Inmarsat IsatPhone Link online or by telephone and is offering a promotional discount of up to $100 off of each product’s purchase online through the end of the year.
         “Satellite phones are trusted for their ability to provide remote connectivity where cellular coverage is unavailable. Segovia’s online store allows customers, including military, search and rescue and other public safety and emergency response organizations to purchase mobile communications products quickly and cost-effectively — including satellite phones, satellite phone bundles, hardware and accessories,” Segovia said in a company statement.
         Segovia offers the Inmarsat fixed FleetPhone paired with a Beam Oceana 800 terminal and antenna, or a Beam Oceana 400 terminal and antenna which can be used with corded or cordless phones to achieve remote satellite connectivity. The Inmarsat IsatPhone Link, a fixed satellite phone comes paired with a Beam Terra 800 terminal and antenna, or a Beam Terra 400 terminal and antenna. Both products are designed for maritime markets.
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