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SkyVision Launches New Ku-band VSAT Services in Africa

By | November 11, 2011
      [Satellite TODAY 11-11-11] Satellite IP connectivity provider SkyVision Global Networks is set to launch several new services throughout Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East, the company announced Nov. 10.
         SkyVision will roll out its new Ku-band VSAT services in Africa, which aim to offer robust IP connectivity. SkyVision said it would provide its customers with unlimited monthly capacity and offer its SkyDirect Premium and SkyDirect Business mid-range content services with 1:4 and 1:8 contention ratios, respectively.
         SkyVision also will be launching SkyVision Active – a new VSAT backup service designed to supply redundant Internet and VPN/inter-branch VSAT connectivity in the event of primary Internet/VPN service failure.
      SkyVision CEO Doron Ben Sira said the on-demand backup service is ideal for enterprises in the financial, energy, public service, health, security, and other industries that need to stay connected and guarantee bandwidth for critical applications.
         “Many of our customers in Africa have expressed the need for a cost-effective Ku-band VSAT solution. In response, we have applied our expertise and the mature technology of ACM to offer a highly reliable and cost-effective Ku–band VSAT Internet connectivity solution with the most progressive SLA and cost-effective pricing available anywhere in the African market,” Ben Sira said in a statement.

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