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Marlink Donates VSAT Connectivity System to Norwegian Training Vessel

By | August 25, 2011
      [Satellite TODAY 08-25-11] Global satellite communications provider Marlink has donated its Sealink VSAT system hardware to the MS Gann Norwegian maritime training vessel, which provides training programs to prepare students for a career at sea, Marlink announced Aug. 24.
         The Sealink services aim to provide MS Gann with up to four voice channels and always-on bandwidth to support a range of student/teacher connectivity applications via a Web-based learning system.
         “People working in the global maritime sector now rely heavily upon connectivity for a range of applications from everyday email and voice calling, to more advanced and technical functions such as transfer of critical data to offices ashore. It is also essential for us to offer crews the provision of reliable satellite communications aboard our vessel, to enable students gain valuable true-to-life experience, which is vital to the success of the program,” MS Gann Spokesman Jostein Vik said in a statement.

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