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Inmarsat, SkyWave Launch IsatData Pro

By | August 5, 2011
      [Satellite TODAY 08-05-11] Inmarsat and its machine-to-machine (M2M) technology partner SkyWave Mobile Communications have launched the IsatData Pro low data rate service for managing and communicating with remote assets, the companies announced Aug. 4.
         IsatData Pro, which uses capacity on the Inmarsat-4 satellites, aims to offer payload capacity delivering up to 10,000 bytes to the device and up to 6,400 bytes from the device. In a company statement, Inmarsat said that the IsatData Pro service, “can transmit a 100 byte message in less than 15 seconds, or a 1,000 byte message in 45 seconds — ideal for sending information to drivers operating in high-risk areas, or for the effective use of sensors to closely manage remote equipment.”
         IsatData Pro enables M2M applications including: vehicle telemetry information, text messaging to remote workers, maintaining up-to-date driver logs and the remote management and control of fixed assets. SkyWave’s IDP 600 series all-weather data terminals will support the service. The terminals feature integrated GPS, as well as digital and analog ports for connecting sensors to relay data such as fuel levels, engine temperature and speed.
         “The M2M market is set to continue its rapid growth globally, but it is currently under-served by services that cannot match the increasing data demands,” Inmarsat Director of Land Services Drew Brandy said in a statement. “By supporting a significant increase in the size of M2M messages, IsatData Pro will provide better visibility of business operations, allow for risks to be managed more effectively, and deliver enhanced efficiencies.”
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