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Stratos Deploys StratosMAX 2 Broadband Service for W&T Offshore

By | July 26, 2011

      [Satellite TODAY 07-26-11] Stratos Global has completed deployment of its StratosMAX 2 broadband service for independent oil and gas company W&T Offshore at 29 of its sites in the Gulf of Mexico, Stratos announced July 25.

          Stratos’ StratosMAX 2 will power various W&T Offshore applications, including procurement, recording production and preventative maintenance. Stratos also is providing W&T with an auto-failover VSAT service, which aims to ensure service continuity to the StratosMAX 2 sites and protect against momentary outages on last-mile connections.
         “The StratosMAX 2 advantages of higher speeds and ultra-low latencies over a robust network enable our customers to achieve maximum functionality at the same price they were paying for traditional VSAT service. This economic flexibility will enable customers to expand their networks to include corporate video conferencing, telemedicine and other bandwidth-intensive applications,” Stratos Vice President Gerbrand Schalkwijk said in a statement.

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