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ATIS CSF Releases New Content Distribution Network Specifications

By | July 8, 2011

      [Satellite TODAY Insider 07-08-11] ATIS’ Cloud Services Forum (CSF) has released its CDN Interconnection Use Case Specification and High Level Requirements standards document, which ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller called “a major step forward in enabling seamless, global content delivery between service providers.”

         The document was drafted to evolve carrier needs and delivers inter-carrier solutions essential to broad adoption of cloud services. CSF completed the document during a three-month development period to provide an initial description of content distribution networks (CDNs) and develop interconnection use cases and high-level requirements to support passing content distribution requests between two service providers. The standard also enables CDN interconnection by providing for common interfaces between providers’ operations systems, back office interfaces, routing equipment, and network interconnections.
         “What sets the CSF’s work apart is its focus on business needs as the driver for better interconnection. This ATIS technical solution for inter-provider content delivery helps providers meet critical customer service imperatives — namely, the need to improve end-user experience through cost effective video delivery,” Miller said in a statement.
          The development of CSF standards comes as good news for several satellite companies looking to position themselves as enablers of cloud computing versus satellite. ND SatCom CEO Johann Pohany told Satellite TODAY Insider that the question regarding cloud computing is only a matter of how fast it the platform will come.
          “When we nowadays talk to our customers we see a big shift in our discussions. It is not the modem features that are the important topics a CIO wants to talk about — it’s the business value and the cost savings you as a vendor can bring to his IT operations. In our case he wants a specific answer to his question: ‘How can I bring my centrally hosted applications cost effectively to any location — worldwide.’ The CIO is not that much interested in the satellite features and technology. He wants a solution to his latency issue for IT applications,” Pohany said.
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