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Vizada, Thrane & Thrane Team Up to Launch Maritime Broadband Offering

By | June 15, 2011
      [Satellite TODAY 06-14-11] Mobile satellite service provider Vizada and manufacturer Thrane & Thrane have signed a partnership agreement to launch a new broadband offering to the maritime market, the companies announced June 14.
          Thrane and Vizada will share distribution channels and combine maritime mobile technologies. Thrane & Thrane will supply its hardware, including its Sailor 900 VSAT and Sailor FleetBroadband terminals, to support Vizada Pharostar VSAT and MSS services for the solution package. Vizada also said it would complement the package with its messaging, prepaid communications and traffic control services.
          Vizada said its Pharostar VSAT service will be supplemented with FleetBroadband in areas where Ku-band coverage is unavailable, providing global coverage at all times. The service connectivity switching between VSAT and FleetBroadband will be managed through the new Vizada XChange platform.
          “This partnership builds on our long standing L-band experience with the Vizada Group, and we are happy to further develop our cooperation with VSAT as part of the mix. Sailor 900 VSAT will be available during summer 2011 and the interest from the market so far has been very promising. We have high expectations for the product and the new maritime broadband package with Vizada in the future,” Thrane & Thrane spokesman Daniel Friis said in a statement.

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