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Blue Ridge to Secure The Space Foundation’s Cloud Network

By | May 4, 2011

      [Satellite TODAY 05-04-11] The Space Foundation has contracted government and enterprise cyber-security solutions provider Blue Ridge Networks to deliver a full suite of network capabilities to secure the non-profit organization’s assets, Blue Ridge announced May 3.
          Blue Ridge is deploying its Blue Ridge Connect managed service for network security, secure remote access and endpoint protection across the entire Space Foundation network. Secure access to the Space Foundation’s cloud-computing network will be managed through one of Blue Ridge’s 12 secure co-location network centers in the United States.  
          “We have multiple field offices spread around the country from our headquarters in Colorado to Washington, D.C., Texas and Florida — all with the requirements to connect securely to our network. As a not-for-profit, we were finding it difficult to identify a cost-effective option that would help solve our internal and remote access security challenges. Blue Ridge provided the benefit of an end-to-end solution with the value add of its managed services,” Space Foundation CEO Elliot Pulham said in a statement.   

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