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SES World Skies Signs Three Enterprise Capacity Deals in Latin America

By | April 29, 2011

      [Satellite TODAY 04-29-11] SES World Skies signed three capacity deals with IP, Ethernet, data center and video solutions provider Global Crossing, which will increase its corporate network capacity with an additional 10 MHz of Ku-band on SES World Skies’ NSS-7 satellite, the operator announced April 28.
          Global Crossing said it would use the capacity to meet the communications needs of mining and manufacturing companies, multinationals and other firms across Argentina and Chile. SES said that with the new agreements, Global Crossing’s Latin American unit now utilizes about 290 MHz of capacity aboard SES satellites to serve markets across the region.
          "Bringing new Ku-band capacity such as the AMC-4 to the region helps us to provide everything from voice and Internet access to virtual private networks and video conferencing via satellite to enterprises that need reliable communications to support their development and economic growth in the region," Global Crossing Latin America Executive Vice President of Network Operations Matias Heinrich, said in a statement.

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