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BSM, EMS Technologies Extend Latin America Reseller Agreement

By | April 2, 2011

      [Satellite TODAY 04-02-11] BSM Technologies, a provider of remote monitoring, fleet management, fleet diagnostics and automated vehicle security systems, has extended its existing reseller agreement with EMS Global Tracking, BSM announced April 1.
          EMS will continue to distribute BSM’s SecTrack products and services to Latin America under the initial agreement the two companies signed in 2005. SecTrack provides hardware, communication links, and airtime for real-time tracking and management of vehicles, vessels and stationary facilities around the globe using Inmarsat IsatM2M satellite communications.
          “We look forward to further collaboration with EMS Global Tracking as we strengthen our position in the region and target new growth opportunities in key markets such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. We expect to focus our efforts on expanding our network of value-added resellers – similar to the strategy that has served us well in other regions,” BSM President and CEO Aly Rahemtulla said in a statement.

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