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Marlink Secures Five-Year Contract Extension with Fugro-Geoteam

By | March 22, 2011

      [Satellite TODAY 03-22-11] Maritime satellite communications provider Marlink has extended its contract with seismic vessel operator Fugro-Geoteam for another five years, Marlink announced March 21.
          The agreement will see Marlink supply its Sealink VSAT service to seismic vessels via Marlink’s Eik teleport in Norway, providing 512 Kbps of bandwidth and 10-15 telephone lines for each vessel. The extension follows Fugro Marine Services’ selection of Marlink as its preferred supplier of VSAT communications to Fugro vessels in February.
          "Marlink has been providing services to several Fugro Group divisions for a number of years and the new global pricing agreement has enabled us to maintain a very strong relationship with the company," Marlink CEO Tore Morten Olsen said in a statement.

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