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EMA to Provide Iridium-Based Maritime Monitoring Services for Albanian Ships

By | March 22, 2011

      [Satellite TODAY 03-22-11] The Albanian government awarded a contract to EMA Group for Iridium-based Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) integration on the country’s commercial fishing fleet, EMA announced.
          EMA will install its BlueTraker VMS transponders on more than 200 Albanian fishing craft. The hybrid tracking transponder uses Iridium satellite short-burst data service to transmit vessel coordinates when the ships are out of range of shore-based wireless networks.
          "Leveraging the unique pole-to-pole global coverage of the Iridium network, the BlueTraker VMS provides the most reliable and cost-effective tracking, monitoring, control and surveillance services worldwide. In addition, the BlueTraker VMS is also e-logbook ready in accordance with EU regulations that mandate electronic reporting and monitoring requirements on commercial fishing operations," EMA CEO Zlatko Mastnak said in a statement.

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