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RaySat, Funtoro Roll Out Massive Mobile Satellite Efforts in Public Transportation

By | January 11, 2011

      [Satellite TODAY Insider 01-11-11] RaySat and Funtoro have unveiled a global cooperation effort to offer turnkey solutions to distributors, integrators, bus operators and manufacturers for live, personalized in-vehicle satellite entertainment systems on buses, trains and ferries, the partners announced Jan. 10.
          The effort marks a new approach for RaySat, which has specialized in satellite entertainment systems for personal vehicles. The company’s SpeedRay 1000 mobile satellite-tracking antenna, which has been released for personal vehicles around the world, will be the same product used in the Funturo cooperative strategy, as the antenna also meets special requirements for OEM bus and train operating companies.
          RaySat Executive Vice President Michael Barak said the partnership is expected to yield a substantial contract award in the first quarter. “Our cooperation with Funturo will provide both of our companies greater reach around the world and offer our global partners and distributors access to state-of-the-art, on-board media-on-demand (MOD) technology and personal viewing systems,” he said.
          RaySat hardware will be integrated with Funtoro’s fully scalable MOD solution for buses, trains and mini-coach markets.
          In a statement, Funtoro said it has seen a constant, increasing demand for onboard safety and entertainment solutions in the vehicle industry. “Funtoro’s MOD was born out of this need. … [The solution’s] telematics will offer highly-reliable, in-motion live entertainment to every passenger. With a personalized delivery system, each passenger will have hundreds of high-quality satellite-TV channels at their fingertips. With premium VOD content, radio and music stations and multiple live channels, ground travel outperforms domestic in-flight experience,” Funtoro Vice President Arthur Huang said in a statement.

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