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GMN Unveils Satellite Data Accelerator and Control Router

By | November 22, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 11-22-10] Satellite data service provider Global Marine Networks (GMN) introduced its WebXaccelerator product for ship-to-shore and remote communications needs in the commercial fishing, marine transport, cruise ships, offshore oil rigs and first-response communications coordination markets, the company announced Nov. 19.
          The data accelerator and control router aims to gives satellite users unprecedented control of their satellite data installations, while providing data speeds up to five times faster than uncompressed rates.
          “The WebXaccelerator is designed to save customers time and money through satellite specific data compression and the ability to sell and control shared data feed access, while saving satellite system providers time and money by making installations easier, more reliable and more flexible. It can be used to address common situations for satellite data system users and installers: create a satellite-based Internet café; generate new revenue or control shared usage through user-defined pin codes for clients, crew or passengers using a single data feed, solve installation challenges through load-balancing, or increase reliability by changing between two different satellite networks on the fly,” GMN CTO Luis Soltero said in a statement.

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