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Winegard, Uplogix Partner to Create Satellite Antenna Product Interoperability

By | November 18, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 11-18-10] Uplogix, a provider of network management automation, and mobile satellite and antenna solutions provider Winegard have partnered to develop interoperability between their products to reduce support costs of satellite communications, the companies announced Nov. 17.
          Winegard’s auto-acquiring antenna controllers will now be compatible with Uplogix remote management appliances. The appliances will work to monitor parameters on the antenna controllers and issue commands to enable, reposition, retarget and stow the antenna. This functionality is being targeted to operators in remote or rugged areas, allowing them control remote equipment as if they were onsite.
          The Uplogix platform also combines local access to devices such as satellite components and traditional IP networking gear with onboard intelligence and automated management.
      “Uplogix has delivered automation to remote satellite installations for the oil and gas and defense industries for several years. Integrating with Winegard antennas allows us to expand functionality for our customers who deploy a variety of auto-acquire and stabilized antennas in their networks,” Uplogix Founder and Chief Architect James Dollar said in a statement.

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